svgwevgw - Verb PhraseVerb Phrases. to listen to music. to learn German. to do homework. to love (one’s) family. to be active in sports. to live in Tennessee. to come from the USA. Musik hören. Deutsch lernen. Hausaufgaben machen. Familie lieben. Sport treiben. in Tennessee wohnen. aus den USA kommen. The second thing to consider is the conjugation of modal verbs. Notice that the er form does not have its customary ~t ending. For modal verbs, the er form has the same endings as the ich form. Since the upper-case, formal Sie form is identical to the plural sie form, only the lower-case word will be used in this presentation. Ich möchte has the same verb form as Er möchte . The rest of the subject pronouns take their customary verb endings: du möchtest, wir möchten, ihr möchtet, and sie möchten. Möchten is the only word that has the -e endings. The other modal verbs all have no endings for these forms, as the following slides will show.
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